Cambodian Affinity Group, Begins This Month

For many years, the school district has held a Cambodian Affinity Group for students of Cambodian heritage, culminating in a celebration in April. This year, this program will be open to any student who wishes to participate. The Program will be held Tuesdays at Fort River, Wednesdays at Crocker Farm, and Thursdays at Wildwood.

The purpose of this program is to help students learn about our diverse world through a focus on Cambodian culture. Students will participate in activities such as learning to write Khmer characters, reading folktales, playing games, singing songs and preparing traditional Cambodian foods. Students will be led to reflect on the similarities and differences between Cambodian and U.S. culture. In addition, a goal of this program is to support students’ academic progress. Each session will include homework help and cultural activities. The class is designed to include students with Cambodian heritage as well as students from other backgrounds.

The program will be held one day per week at each school beginning in February. Students will participate from dismissal until 5:15, and snacks will be provided. Parents are encouraged to pick up their children at 5:15, but students may take the late after school bus if needed. (Please note that the after school bus has many riders and students may experience a long ride.) Program space is limited and will be available on a first-to-register basis.

View Letter and Permission slip: Cambodian group parent letter FY15

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