Seeking Host Family for ABC House Scholar

abc_scholar_studying_200pxAmherst A Better Chance Program is looking for a host family for one of its new scholars, a 9th grade boy from NYC. For one weekend each month during the school year, the host family provides the student with a home where he can relax, socialize and study. The idea is for the family and the scholar to enjoy and learn from interacting with one another, and to broaden the experience of both. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Wendy Kohler at 413-250-0091 or

To learn more info about the ABC House, visit:

ABC is a national residential high school program which prepares academically talented and highly motivated African American, Latino, Asian, and Native American students from educationally underserved school districts for college and future leadership roles in the broader community. Since the program began, over 100 students have attended Amherst Regional High School. Graduates have attended more than 50 colleges and universities.

Scholars live family-style in the ABC House at 74 North Prospect Street in downtown Amherst. ABC Resident Directors provide a warm supportive environment enriched by study sessions with Amherst College tutors. ABC Scholars forge lasting bonds with local host families through monthly weekend visits and additional enrichment activities.

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