Parents of upper elementary school students:  Please be aware that the middle school (ARMS) is proposing a (a pretty large) change in the school day schedule for next year’s 7th and 8th graders.

On Thursday January 8th at 7 PM (Library) the middle school administration will be hosting an information night for the school community at large where they will share their rationale for the proposed schedule change and answer questions.

Information about the proposed schedule change is on the school website:

Here is a link to the rationale for the proposed schedule change:

Here is a visual on the proposed schedule change:

Here is the impact on foreign languages:

Latin and World Language Curriculum Information

A new Middle School schedule is under consideration for implementation in 2015-2016 which will affect the Latin curriculum in the following ways:

-Latin IA will be eliminated from the 7th grade.

-7th graders will take 2 nine week exploratory units, combining either Spanish & French, Latin & French or Latin & Spanish.

-The current two year Latin 1A and 1B sequence will be combined into a one year 8th grade elective.

-8th graders who elect a foreign language course will not be able to take drama, art or dance and vice versa.

NOTE: The current French and Spanish courses will be affected in the same way. Chinese will be eliminated from the middle school curriculum.

Comments about these proposed changes can be directed to the ARMS principal, the superintendent and the school committee.