ARPS Info: Meetings, Math & Meals

  • From the Learning in ARPS blog: “Over the last two years the Amherst Regional Public Schools have undertaken a comprehensive review of the 7 – 12 math curriculum. The purpose of this review has be to align with the 2011 Massachusetts Mathematics Frameworks, improve access to and success in higher level math courses for all students, and to provide a rigorous, meaningful, and engaging math curriculum for all students. The department is preparing to implement a new curriculum for current 8th graders and students currently in Algebra/IMP 1 at ARHS for the 2015/16 school year.Read more about Math Curricula:
  • Whitsons Food Service
    This December, Whitsons produce pick for “Harvest of the Month” is carrots. Students and staff enjoyed this healthy vegetable which is served nearly every day during the school year. In January, the featured selection will be the apple. Apples are on the lunch line nearly every day and diners will have the opportunity to sample different varieties and apple-filled dishes.USDA regulations require that all students have at least one half a cup of fruit or vegetable on their tray. Students are developing a love of vegetables and creating life-long healthy habits. Whitsons provides a variety of gluten free meals available to any student that requires one. Parents/guardians may inform the kitchen manager in advance if a student requires a gluten free meal.

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