Wahoo, What a Week! PGO & Valley Gives

PGO Meeting: Was pretty great! Approximately 40 folks (including kids) were in attendance. Kids had a good time with MMASCD staff while parents met together. There were new faces and great conversation. We ate all the pizza, and we’re done (more or less) on time. Success! Let’s keep the momentum going. Join us at the next meeting and bring a friend.

Valley Gives: $3301 from 99 donors! What an amazing, generous community we have at Wildwood. Thank you so much for all of your generosity, and for putting up with the multiple posts about Valley Gives. What we thought was particularly touching was how Wildwood staff and teachers donated – that speaks to how much our staff care about our kids and the school.

Valley Gives ended up raising $2.6 million from 14,000+ donors – wow! It was great to collaborate with the other PGOs on this really fun, worthwhile project – thank you Vivian Liu, Becky Demling, Tracy Zafian, Victoria Cliche, and Laura Wear. We will be looking for someone to take over this Valley Gives fundraiser next year for Wildwood – so message us if you are interested or email Jen at njmendel@gmail.com.

Clothing Share: The Winter clothing share was a success. Clothes can still be donated. Bring gently used items to front office or directly to teachers.

As evidenced from above activities, there many ways to engage with the Wildwood PGO! Join us. All families welcomed.

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