logo_valleygivesTogether, we have the potential to raise over $3500 for Wildwood/ARPS PGOs!

On Wednesday, December 10th, 400 non-profits from the Pioneer Valley will raise money through Valley Gives, a one-day celebration of generosity. Wildwood PGO, along with the other ARPS PGOs, will be raising money together as one group and also separately for each school.

The PGO is asking all families to consider making a donation toward the Wildwood PGO Valley Gives Fundraiser. The Wildwood PGO’s mission is support COMMUNITY BUILDING, ENRICHMENT, and EQUITY for all at Wildwood Elementary School.

Prizes will be given throughout the day!

NEW DONOR INCENTIVE: The first 1922 New Donors (people who did not give to Valley Gives in 2012 or 2013) to give on Valley Gives Day will receive an additional $25 added to their donation. So PLEASE donate to the Wildwood PGO at 12:01 am (just past midnight!) or first thing in the morning to make your donation count even more. If we have 100 new donor families donate $10 each at midnight, we will receive ($10+$25)*100 = $3500!

What YOU can do:

  1. Mark your calendars – 12-10-14
  2. Go to http://www.razoo.com/story/Wildwood-Parent-Guardian-Organization at 12:01 am or first thing in the morning,
  3. Make a donation of $10 or more
  4. Share this link and this information on your social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and by email. Please ask all your friends and families to donate.

To learn more, visit: