Wildwood Teacher, Positive Discipline Classes

positive_discPositive Discipline, Drop-In Parenting Classes:  

Atkinson Building, 17 Research Drive, Amherst
From 6:30-8:00pm (first Tuesday of month): 11/4, 12/2, 1/6, 2/3, 3/3, 4/7, 5/5, 6/2. Cost: $15 per person/ Couples: $10 p/person p/class

Are you finding it hard to teach your children values, to get them to listen to you or just get along? Are you looking for new parenting tools? Are you frustrated and want to do it differently?

Come learn about Positive Discipline and how it can make a difference for your family. This class offers an opportunity to join a community of parents and receive support as you explore parenting in a way you may never have thought possible!

In this year-long series participants will learn:

  • Different ways to use positive language to promote cooperation and respect.
  • Alternatives to traditional “time out” that helps children develop self regulation skills.
  • How to create routines that work for the whole family and how to teach expectations in a mutually respectful way.
  • How to create individual family meetings that will be used to solve problems, plan events, and have fun!
  • How to solve problems with making agreements and how to uphold them.

For more info, see flier: postitive_discipline_flyer

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