Wildwood PGO Joins Forces with Area Schools

The Wildwood PGO has joined with the PGOs of ARHS, ARMS, and CF to form a joint non-profit 5013c organization. That means that we are a non-profit organization that can accept tax-deductible donations, apply for and receive grants, and much more!  We have a joint bank account and will be doing projects together, and on our own as well.

Our first joint project will be to participate in Valley Gives 2014 – which is a one-day on-line fundraiser where 400 nonprofits in the Valley raise money.  We’re looking for someone to spearhead the Wildwood part of Valley Gives.  

Each school (WW, CF, ARMS but not ARHS) will be fundraising for themselves, and also sharing the donations from families who donate to the general ARPS-PGO non-profit.

If you are interested in spearheading the Valley Gives Fundraiser for Wildwood, please contact wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com. This mainly involves sending out emails, and publicizing Valley Gives Day for WW PGO and ARPS-PGO the week before and including Dec 10, 2014.

The blog for the new ARPS-PGO non-profit is:  http://arps-pgo.blogspot.com

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