Volunteers Needed for Walk to School Day (Oct. 8)

WBTS_LogoEach October, millions of children, parents, teachers and community leaders across the globe walk to school to celebrate International Walk to School Day.

This year we will walk as a community to school starting at Bertucci’s Restaurant.  Students that arrive on the bus will walk around the school.  We need volunteers to keep students organized at Bertucci’s and to hand out giveaways at Wildwood.

  • 7:50am-7:55am at Bertucci’s:  Register kids that will be walking from Bertucci’s to Wildwood. (2 volunteers)
  • 8:00am UMass Team arrives at Bertucci’s:  Be at Bertucci’s to help with general crowd control. (3 volunteers)
  • 8:10am UMass Team and Minuteman walk from Bertucci’s to School.  Nick Yaffe will lead the walk and be holding a lot of helium balloons.
  • 7:10am-7:40am at Wildwood: 2 volunteers at front of school and 2 volunteers at the back to hand out giveaways.

Interested in volunteering for any of these positions or coordinating the event? Contact Wildwood Volunteer Coordinator, Jen Mendelsohn njmendel@gmail.com

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