LSSE upcoming programs: Art, Tennis, Trips and Halloween

See attached flyers for upcoming LSSE programs:

We have two new children’s art programs with children’s book illustrator David Hyde Costello, ‘The Joy of Making Art’ (for ages 5-7) and ‘Visual Story-Telling’ (for ages 7-10). Costello is the author and illustrator of Here They Come!, I Can Help, and Little Pig Joins the Band.

Tennis lessons are a great opportunity for kids to get outdoors and for the whole family to enjoy entertainment and exercise together. Classes with our experienced and excellent instructor, Sunny Meidell, start Oct. 4.

A chance for another great family pursuit, exploring New York, is coming up on Oct. 19. LSSE’s one-day bus trip makes this easy and affordable, a way to take in the excitement of the city without hassle and difficulty.

Finally, LSSE’s all-popular annual Halloween Window Painting event approaches on Sat., Oct. 18. Come out to paint the town spooky!
Meidell, Tennis, Session B Fall 14

Painting Flyer 2014

NY 14

David Costello

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