Volunteer Needed: Valley Gives

Valley GivesThe PGO really really needs someone to run the on-line Valley Gives Fundraiser for the Wildwood PGO (and you would be working closely with the lead from Crocker Farm PGO and ARMS PGO, as the three of us have formed a ‘non-profit’ group).

If interested, please comment here or email us wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com. Please come to the 3-school PGO meeting to meet your counterparts and start planning – on Monday Sept 22, 7 pm, in the Crocker Farm School Community Room.

The date of the fundraiser is December 10th. For more info, look at

It is a one-day on-line giving day for 300 non-profits in the Pioneer Valley, and last year they raised $2 million in ONE DAY. We feel that our school should take part in this awesome event, and try to get some of this money donated our way!

You don’t have to sell anything. It primarily involves spreading the word to get everyone in the community (and outside) to donate on-line, on that one day (Dec 10, 2014). It may involve a little advertisement (perhaps making a video of school kids saying how great our school is, or teachers saying how the money the WW PGO gives them has helped enrich the curriculum/school experience).

We also need to get a team of people to help spread the word (on facebook, tweeting, instagram, whatever else people with money to donate use) in the week leading up to and including Dec 10th.

Sign up (by commenting, messaging or emailing) here if you are willing to take the lead on this, make a video (or arrange some other catchy project/party/event to promote donating to the WW PGO on Valley Gives Day), or just help spread the word on-line.

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