Looking for Volunteers!

The PGO is looking for parent/guardian volunteers – there are many ways you can help our school this year:

1) Class parents are needed for every classroom EXCEPT Gagnon, Simm and Woods. Please contact Lea if you are interested or want to ask about the responsibilities involved at lea.douville@gmail.com

2) Sell Directory Ads. Last year we raised $1660 by selling ads in the Directory. We provide a free directory to every family at WW, so think of what great advertising that is for local businesses. We will have everything ready for you to get started, including the materials to email out (or print out) like flyers with prices, contact info, and even an email list of last year’s advertisers. All you need to do is email out the flyers to last year’s advertisers and more businesses, ask them send payment to the treasurer and the hardest part is to get the businesses to send in their ads. We can probably find someone to do the layout of the ads.

3) Learn how to make the Directory for next year. This will be Laura Cadonati’s last year making the directory, and she is looking to train someone NOW, for next year.

4) Be part of the PGO Leadership Team. We are so grateful to Susan Bellak for co-chairing the PGO over the past few years. We are also grateful to Sarah Marshall (Fundraising Coordinator) for being part of the leadership team last year. Both Susan and Sarah have stepped down this year, so we need your help running the PGO with co-chair Suzanne Baxter and secretary Vivian Liu.

This is much like running your household – managing the schedule and making sure that everyone knows what they need to do. We meet about once every 2 weeks in fall and spring (and less so in the winter) and get our work done then or by email. If interested, please contact wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com

5) Fundraising Coordinator

6) On-line Store Manager

7) Dean’s Beans Coffee

8) Join the Blog editorial team

If interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com

The PGO is run by volunteers. So far we would like to thank the following volunteers for a great job done!

  • Welcome Staff Breakfast – Suzanne Baxter and Vivian Liu
  • First Day Coffee – Deb Glennon
  • Kindergarten Coffee – Sara Eggemeier
  • Directory – Laura Cadonati
  • Blog – Yasmin Eisenhauer and Laura Cadonati
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Jen Mendelsohn
  • Class Parent Coordinator – Lea Douville

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