Wildwood Directory Permission Forms

Many parents have noted what a valuable tool the Directory is for playdates, carpooling, birthday invitations, etc. Be sure to sign up now to be included in this year’s directory!
Even if you gave your permission last year, you must submit a new permission form  by September 12th, 2014 for inclusion in the 2014 – 2015 qrcode.24110389Wildwood Class Directory.

Click here for the Online Wildwood Class Directory Form


The Class Directory is internal to the Wildwood community and is only used for distributing school-related information. We hope it proves to be useful and provides yet another way for us to build our community spirit!

A child’s information can only appear on their class list with your permission: please don’t neglect to write your name in lieu of an authorization signature.

In addition to your contact information, the form also includes sign up for Stop & Shop Bonus Bucks (aka A+ School Rewards). Every year, Wildwood earns $1600-$1700 from YOUR shopping, at no cost to you.  Even if you registered your card last year, you must re-register  your card this year for our school to receive credit.

If you have questions, please email wildwoodelementarypgo@gmail.com

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