Wildwood Multicultural Fair 2014 – May 28

What’s in store for all that attend?

Family Photos: Receive a print for your family and one to be displayed at Wildwood

International Fashion Show: Show off your cultural heritage by wearing traditional clothing

Performances: Kids from our school, as well as the rest of the Amherst community featuring:

  • Across Cultures: Gymnastics and Break Dance – Wildwood Students
  • Odissi Dance (Classical dance from India) – performed by a Wildwood Student
  • Possibly dances by Pineapple Dance – featuring Wildwood Students
  • Grupo Folklórico Tradiciones – Tradiciones Dance Troupe – featuring Amherst Community Members
  • Rabentolas: Cape Verdean dance troupe – Amherst High School Students

Family Art Project: Lead by our very own in-school artist, Julie Rivera
• Wildwood Weaving – Come join in the fun and weave your hopes and dreams in to our school-wide weaving (if you have any thin (cotton) fabric please contact Julie)

Food: An unbelievable spread of traditional dishes from Wildwood Families. Pot luck: Your dish is your admission to this event so make sure to wow the community with your cooking skills!


On May 28th, 5:30-7:30

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