Wildwood Garden

Hard to believe SPRING is about a month away with all this snow on the ground! Underneath all that white stuff is a sleeping garden. At the end of February (Thursday 2/27), the 2nd grade sampled some colorful local root vegetables in some fun taste-testing activities with Sarah and Aaron from UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture. We are excited to plant peas in April, and until then we’ll be planning for Spring!

We conducted a local root vegetable taste test activity with the WW 2nd grade using organic root vegetables from Winter Moon Farm in Hadley. We all had fun, the students really seemed to enjoy the colors and flavors, and seem excited to think about spring and which crops we can grow in the garden in future at WW.

Here is our website: http://stockbridge.cns.umass.edu/. Aaron and I are both in Stockbridge (Aaron as undergrad and I’m a graduate student) and want to continue to grow this partnership between Stockbridge and the WW community!

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!


Sustainability Science MS Candidate
UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture
The Stockbridge School of Agriculture, UMass Amherst

2014-02-27 14.52.02 2014-02-27 23.42.52 2014-02-27 23.42.11

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