Aikido of Amherst: Thoughtful Vigorous Martial Arts

316 College Street, Amherst (beside Mom’s House Asian Market)

AOA_Info_Page Aikido is martial art originating from Japan. It is based on the principle of non-resistance, where a practitioner uses fluid and circular movements to blend with the energy of an attack and directs that energy into dynamic throws or immobilizing pins that cause no harm to one’s practice partners. The art also utilizes exercises that cultivate deep breathing, relaxation, centering, and proper body alignment. Because Aikido does not teach aggression and has an ethical sensibility as its philosophical core, it is particularly appropriate for children. Through it, children learn mental focus, physical discipline, and concern for others. Aikido of Amherst offers classes to children ages 8-12.

The Chief Instructor is Heath Atchley. He has over 20 years of martial arts experience and is certified to teach Aikido by the United States Aikido Federation. Heath also has a Ph.D. in Religion and Philosophy and has taught those subjects at several institutions, including Syracuse University and Mount Holyoke College. He brings his educational background and martial arts training together to create classes that combine thoughtfulness and physical vigor.

Try your first Aikido class for free!

For more information about beginners’ specials, class schedule, and more, visit our website:

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