Wildwood World Map Updates

WW Map PhotoWe are updating the gigantic world map in the front hallway of Wildwood. This project showcases the family heritage of all of the Wildwood students.  Displayed on the map are photographs of our children grouped according to their countries of origin and ancestry.

In this way we are able to marvel at the diversity of our school and see how we are connect to each other.  Everyone can learn about and be proud of his/her ancestry and heritage.
Please fill out and return this form  to the office or your child’s classroom teacher if your child is not already on the map.  Or, to save paper, you can use this online form.
We ask that you list up to 1-4 countries only so that we can fit all of our students on the map, and return forms by October 25, 2013.
Thank you to Gelila Tadesse and Keisha Dennis for  keeping this World Map updated for the past three years!

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  1. I have completed the map form twice — last year and this year, yet my child is still not on it. Do I need to provide the photos as well? Please advise.

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